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Examples for supported data groups:

Get Organisation Data file names and details:


Get file specification for the file egpcur:


Get data from egpcur where Organisation Code contains G0102:

http://nhs-data.uk/api/1111/ods/egpcur?Organisation Code=G0102

Get Dictionary of Medicines and Devices XML file identifiers:


Get the collections available in the Virtual Medical Products XML file:


Get the elements available in Virtual Medical Products XML file for the Virtual Medical Product collection:


Get all the product from the Virtual Medical Product collection that contain the text 'paraffin gauze' in their name:

http://nhs-data.uk/api/1111/dmd/vmp/vmp?nm=paraffin gauze

Get International Classification of Diseases XML file identifiers:


Get the elements available in Table of Coding Equivalences Forward XML File:


Get all entries with ICD-10 code that contains 'A00':


Get OPC4 Classifications XML file identifiers:


Get the elements available in metadata XML File:


Get all entries with operation code that contains 'A01':


Get SNOMED CT file identifiers:


Get the fields available in the Description core data file:


Get all entries with 'term' that contains the phrase 'abnormal chest sounds':

http://nhs-data.uk/api/1111/sct/description?term=abnormal chest sounds

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