Search Organisation Data

  1. Click the search tab to specify your search criteria.
  2. Click the checboxes to define exact or partial match.
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. See the results on the Search Results tab.


Search Criteria
There are five search parameters you can specify; you must specify at least one.
Type Search Parameter
The type parameter is a drop down menu of the data split by type of data supplied by the ODS. If this is not specified, all ODS data will be searched. If you no longer wish to search by a specific type, and wish to search all ODS data click the 'Clear' button that will appear on the right.
Exact and Partial Matching
Each search parameter (except type) has an 'Exact Match' checkbox on the right. This allows you to force the system to match on the whole value only. Uncheck this box to find data that partially matches a search parameter. For example, a partial match on organisation code ‘G0102’ will return all organisations whose code contains this text. This is useful when you don't know the exact value you are searching for.
Large Results Set
Where a large number of results are returned a maximum of 100 will be displayed and the Search results tab will show '>100' in the label. To view more results scroll to the end and click the 'More results...' link. A 'Previous 100...' link will now appear at the top of the results that will enable you to go back.


Search results will highlight some data as a link. Hover over the link to see tip text with a brief description of the links functionality.
Code Links
Organisations codes shown in search results will be shown as links. Clicking a link will automatically initiate an exact match search for that code in all ODS data.
Special Links
Some search results support special links. For example, search results for current GP practitioners will highlight the practitioners name as a link. Clicking this link will automatically initiate a search of the history of that practitioner.

Search Criteria

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Search Results

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